I have narrow-angle glaucoma. This means that my iris is pulled forward on an irregular basis, blocking the parts of my eye that allow fluids to drain. As a result, the pressure inside my eye can oscillate significantly and cause serious harm to my optic nerves. It’s an unpleasant and frightening condition to have. What’s… Read more "M.O."

Armie Armstrong

I have been coming to this eye center for nine years now. I had cataract surgery here about seven years ago. I like this center because they are so caring and considerate. I have had numerous eye checks and today I am also here for a regular eye examination. It went well as always. James… Read more "Armie Armstrong"

Tara Fox-Rivera

This was my first eye exam in this Center. It was very quick and very thorough. No waits at all. The staff are very friendly. I liked it very much.


I have had a surgery done by Dr. Bauza. I recommend him to everybody!


I have just got done with my cataract surgery and it was a great experience, the whole staff, the doctor and everybody worked out great. If I have another eye issue, I will definitely come again to New Jersey Eye Center. What a great place to come to. Thanks.


Hi. As a patient I was really satisfied and very happy with the outcome of my surgery. I would really like to thank Dr. Bauza, Dr. Valkys, the anesthesiologist, Dana, the counselor, the whole team, the nurses and everybody was so nice to me. I am very happy with the outcome. I recommend everybody to… Read more "Chan"