Get the best eye treatment in Essex County, NJ.

When it comes to eye disorders, the earlier they are diagnosed, the easier they are to manage. However, eye examinations and tests require medical competence and the most advanced diagnostic technology. At New Jersey Eye Center, we specialize in enhancing patients’ vision using advanced technology. We are a premier provider of laser vision correction and comprehensive eye care.

Under the guidance of Dr. James Dello Russo, our team of top eye care doctors and optometrists delivers diagnostic, medical, and surgical eye care to patients of all ages across NJ, including Essex County.

Our eye care specialists have expertise in managing all eye conditions, including routine eye examinations, corneal diseases, glaucoma treatment, cataract surgery, retinal disorders, and other issues. We also specialize in oculoplastic surgery to treat people suffering from conditions that affect the eyelid and tear duct.

Our top eye care doctor provides comprehensive eye care in Essex County, NJ, to provide its residents with healthy eyes and perfect vision! Our specialists are well-versed in performing thorough eye examinations and accordingly treat any eye problems with precision.

A patient-centered approach of our specialist team ensures the highest level of diagnostic, medical, and surgical eye care, like cataract surgery, oculoplastic surgery, glaucoma treatment, and more, for the desired outcomes for patients.

So, If you need the finest eye care from a top eye care doctor or optometrist in Essex County, NJ, call (201) 374-8900 to book a consultation regarding your eye problem today!