New Jersey laser eye surgery Center

Lasik eye surgery is a refractive surgery designed to correct a range of vision problems, including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. It is a relatively safe and painless procedure that is performed using specialized laser technology to precisely reshape the cornea to improve vision.

It mostly takes less than half an hour to complete the procedure. It has one of the highest success rates in restoring a clearer vision with minimum complications. The results of a LASIK surgery are long-lasting, and patients can enjoy clear vision for many years to come.

The recovery after the procedure is significantly fast. However, like any other surgery, patients are required to follow some precautions to avoid any complications after the procedure.

Following are the precautions patient need to follow after laser eye surgery for a quick recovery:

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes 

After the procedure, it is normal to feel some itching, irritation, or watery/dry eyes. However, it is highly recommended to completely avoid rubbing your eyes in any way.

  • Use eye drops and medications

Following the procedure, you may feel some discomfort, and your vision may appear blurry temporarily. But, no need to be worried as it will subside as your eyes start to heal, and you would be able to experience clearer vision. Make sure to use the eye drops and medication for pain as prescribed by your doctor.

  • Use protective eyewear

Accidentally rubbing your eyes may lead to problems with your cornea as the eyes would take some time to heal. Therefore, you would need to wear the protective eyewear all the time for 3-4 days following the surgery to prevent accidental rubbing, even during sleep.

  • Wear dark shades during the recovery period

Your eyes may experience light sensitivity, and direct exposure to sunlight may adversely affect the LASIK results. So, make sure to wear dark protective eyeglasses as prescribed by the doctors to protect your eyes against light sensitivity, dust, wind, and UV exposure for the next 2-4 weeks as recommended by the doctor.

  • Avoid washing your eyes and swimming

After the surgery, patients are recommended to avoid washing their eyes and doing any activities that may cause their eyes to get wet. Therefore, patients are advised to avoid washing their face or swimming for a minimum of two weeks. They need to be very careful about washing their face after the surgery since water, soap, or shampoo nothing should get into your eyes.

During the recovery, it is normal to experience some redness in your eyes. However, if you experience persistent pain, inflammation, or irritation in the eyes that does not go away after using prescribed eye drops and medications, it is recommended to immediately contact your doctor.

LASIK eye surgery provides a long-term, permanent solution for getting rid of contacts or eyeglasses and restoring clear vision. The New Jersey Eye Center is one of the most prominent laser vision correction centers in NJ. Our experienced eye surgeons specialize in performing safe LASIK treatment using advanced laser technology. We offer affordable LASIK and many other vision correction treatments in New Jersey.

If you have any queries regarding LASIK or want to know about other vision correction treatments that might be right for you, please contact our expert team for a free consultation.